I was a bit surprised when my results came out and my highest interest was Investigative situations. I do like to think a lot, and end up usually thinking more about how to do something than actually doing it. However, when it comes down to it, I prefer to be moving and doing than thinking, but sometimes my mind escapes me. Once the

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results came out, though, it seemed obvious. I was not surprised, though, when Realistic came in second. Working with materials and my surroundings is something I love to do, also engaging in interactive activities of any sort.
The only job I received that was a match in all three areas (Personality, Interests, and Values) was a broadcast technician. Most of the other jobs matched me in Interests and Values but not Personality. The careers that did interest me were aviation mechanic or pilot, musical composer, computer engineer, or another job related to these career paths.

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The Typefocus tool is a very helpful resource when it comes to determining your personality type and possible career paths to take. It is personalized to everyone’s different needs and gives accurate estimates to your personality.I found the personality assessment most helpful and useful, since it was very detailed, but at the same time gives simple answers. Even though it could be considered stereotyping to assume that everyone fits into one of sixteen different options, they can go into a lot of depth into your personality, and can tell you a lot about yourself.


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